Cocktail Porn

063 - Rum and Sugar Autumn Menu 2013

Taken for Rum and Sugar.  Go have a cocktail there, the barmen are lovely guys.

Some post open studios thoughts.

Open Studios 2013

I feel like Phase 2 of trying to develop as an artist has started with the end of the SE1 Open Studios.

I had a great time, a lot of friends were extremely supportive by making the effort to come and turn it into a social event.  But in the end, it wasn’t really about showing off my work.  I don’t know what any ‘new’ people thought of it, I never really had any conversations with random people about my work (aside from a Fox Terrier owner who started showing me pictures of her dog).  What I really took away from this experience was learning what my studio neighbours are doing, and getting inspired by their work and getting some thoughts about where I need to go next.  It’s been hugely valuable and very much needed to take my work forward.

I was worried that after the deadline I imposed on myself to create work for the Open Studios things would lull but I’m full of ideas and extremely eager to be painting again.

It’s not just seeing other artists’ work either, I’ve been thinking long and hard about how they’re marketing themselves, how they work in the context of “The Art World”.  At least, the part of that world that is in London.  So after talking to other artists about pricing their work or submitting for exhibitions, it’s time to start thinking about how to get work seen for real.  Which brings me back to how this is “Phase 2″ – the marketing side.  That feels like work, because marketing is “the day job”.  But it’s fun to market a product I’m passionate about.  Because, uhm, the product is me.  My art anyway.

Notting Hill Carnival 2013

I’m glad I went back with my camera.  Having left it at home on the Sunday, knowing I’d be drinking a fair amount of rum, I went back on the Monday, stayed (mostly) sober and parked myself by the parades to snap away.